Winning with Horse and Greyhound Betting in the UK

Winning is possible but not easy. How on earth do you get your bets onto the winning horse or greyhound with any sort of consistency???

This is THE fundamental problem facing anyone who intends to take betting seriously. Make no mistake; there are people out there who are making a very nice income from doing just that. How do they do it?

Obviously, studying the form, in all its detail, and allowing for the weather and going, the jockey, the trainer, the myriad factors that have a bearing, all have their place. All of the horses in a race have to be assessed in similar detail. But there is more to it than that, isn't there. If not, the winners of non-handicaps would be predictable with near certainty and all the horses would pass the post together in handicaps!!!

So why can you not get it right most of the time? Why is it that the great majority of favourites do not win?

Naturally there is more than one answer. Horses and greyhounds are not machines and they do genuinely have "off" days, whether for mental or physical reasons ("spooked" by the event, unexpected bug). They also have accidents, specially in jumping. But it is not all chance. If you have ever wondered if things get "fixed", be in no doubt. They DO.

I am not suggesting illegality or immorality in this. It is just part of the business (sport) that seems essential for its survival.

Trainers must beat the handicapper in order to have a chance of making ends meet. In other words, the animal must go off at longer odds than would be justified if the true form was known and the trainer/stable/connections must get decent bets on. Finding these instances is key to successfully getting big-priced winners.

"Patience is the key!"

efore following any tipping service you may first want to gain background information.

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