Horse Racing Bets in the UK

Horse racing bets should not be placed without due appreciation of the animals involved. Beautiful they are, the peak of perfection from hundreds of years of careful breeding. The modern racehorse just keeps getting better. But they are also fragile and wilful, so if you aim to make money betting on them in races, you had better be prepared for losses as well as gains.

The winning combination you need has to include experience. Use someone elses rather than learn the hard (and expensive) way. Use one of the best tipping services around and please,

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One of the best ways of making money on the animals is to find a reliable source of "inside" information. You see, stables have a hard time making ends meet. It is expensive to keep the animals in training. Owners have to pay heavy bills. The prizes to be won on the race track are, on the whole, inadequate compensation. So how do owners and trainers do it? They prepare their charges with as much subterfuge as possible, maintain a spy network so that they know how good all the competition is in a selected race but conceal the true qualities of their animal at all costs from the bookmakers. Then get third parties to place as much money as possible on at the long odds that are available early after the books are open.

Watch out for the talking horses. Shorter than expected or shortening odds. Get on too! It does not always work out of course, but long odds can readily wipe out losses from those "laid out" gambles that go awry.

A good tipster knows all about most of these "scams" and can select the ones that are most likely to come off successfully. You might want to give us a try.

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