Horse Race Bets; Links and Background

Horse race bets must never be made on the spur of the moment. There are two keys to successful gambling: discipline and the use of expert advice. The discipline has to come from you. And our tips services are far more successful than most others out there, whatever the claims! How many of them disclose their complete results as we do?

Betting on horses (and greyhounds) is becoming an ever more popular pastime. There are probably as many systems of betting as there are punters (as the betting public is termed), but the first rule is never to bet more than you can afford to lose. The second rule is you will lose as well as win so be prepared. The safest plan is to establish a separate betting bank and to only ever stake one tenth or one twentieth of the sum in the bank on any one bet (or combination). That way a losing run can not wipe you out and a winning run sees your bank growing faster and faster.

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Remember, there is a whole industry out there built upon the joys of gambling. Be disciplined or else you will join the majority of punters in supporting it unwillingly.

Do not try to better guess your selected tipster service. Stick to the advice, keep careful records. Consider changing your service provider if you are down after 30 days. (you could even try our own services!) But over all, have FUN. There is much to learn and enjoy, and you can pick up a wealth of pleasure through internet sites. Here is a list of links you might explore: -

Racing Post
Racing News
Elite Racing Club
links to Irish Racing
Australian Race tips
Something different: online poker!

Placing a bet at your local bookies can be a major hassle on Grand National Day, so why not do your grand national betting online? It's easy and safe, and a number of betting exchanges are even offering free bets worth between £10 and £100 - Well worth a look!

If you want to bet online anyway, you can.
Just go to horse-race-bets-online

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