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(2) Online Horse Race Betting
(and greyhounds)

UK horse race bets with a high (80%) strike rate like ours [Check them here] need reliable online bookmakers as well as telephone betting accounts. The numbers serving this market are growing all the time; several serve greyhounds. The links in the table below will help you to exploit them:

online betting, bookmakers

Bookmakers often now accept gambles over the Internet. Some of these bookies are based offshore and outside British jurisdiction. Do go for the bigger, longest established organisations to minimise any risks.

Compare the odds available from different bookmakers before betting by using this link There can be surprising differences.

You can now watch the races live on the internet!!! Go to

Here is a list of bookies that we use on the net:


Betandwin (no horse/greyh'd)
Blue Square (UK based)
Easybets (no horse/greyh'd)
Eurobet (greyhounds)
Igindex (live prices)
Intertops (sports, odd)
Interwetten (no horse/greyh'd)
Ladbrokes (greyhounds)
Tommy French Bookmakers
UK Betting (greyhounds too!)
Victor Chandler Int.
William Hill Int. (greyh'd)
Worldbet (no horse/greyh'd)

Inclusion in this list is not a recommendation. Shop around for the best prices and service.

Getting substantial wagers on races fast requires multiple telephone or internet betting accounts, unless (a) you can spend all day in the bookmakers and (b) you are not consistently winning. It costs nothing to open an account and phone calls are often free, but you may need to make a deposit with some bookmakers. With a Switch or Delta card you can open an account and start immediately.

If you prefer to place your gambles by telephone, there is plenty of choice. Find your telephone bookmakers numbers at betting bookmakers

Why not also check -

At , we aim to keep you advised of the best information. Online winners for you today? Click here for hot racing information.

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