Greyhounds: UK Betting

Greyhound betting in the UK? Tradition has us in cloth caps down the dogs if we express any interest in greyhound racing. Andy Capp has a lot to answer for!

Quite a handicap was indeed imposed on the sport as a result of this populist image. It has its foundation in historical and even some current realities. Horse racing may be the sport of kings, but greyhound racing is available to those of very modest means. Keeping and training a dog is in a different league cost-wise compared to owning a race horse.

Then there is the totally different nature of the events themselves. Few over any real distance, all sprints really. Occasional hurdles of a sort for variety. Maximum of six runners.

But what the heck, they are an excellent betting material. Dogs run like clockwork compared to horses. There is much less left to chance. The odds are shorter in consequence, but with care and discretion you can make a steady income backing them. Most of all you want a good source of expertise for your tips.












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