Bets and Betting in the UK: part 2

 Sometimes it is a problem getting to overcome a natural hesitancy at taking risks. That's OK. Ask anyone who takes a dangerous occupation or sport seriously whether they take risks and they will admit that the risks are an essential part of the availability of the reward. No risk, no fun, little profit.

Having said that they will take care to explain how they minimize the risks so that they know where they are, what the exposure is, and how they can cope if the worst comes to the worst. Take a lesson here. Know the risks, minimize them.

In gambling this means eliminating as much of the element of chance as possible. Many extremely popular forms of gambling are games of pure chance. Like the National Lottery. Fine if that is what turns you on. Maybe you would enjoy Russian Roulette too! But professional gamblers make their money with information, information and more information. There is still chance as a major element in the individual event. They do lose some bets. But overall, over a period of time their winnings far exceed their losses. Join them.


Then it would be down to you to religiously bet as advised using whatever percentage of a completely separate betting bank you choose to use, but less than 10% to start with, I suggest. You wager less money each time if you (he) hit a losing streak (and everyone does) and you avoid getting wiped out. And as you win and your bank grows you bet a bit more each time and the growth accelerates.

But if you want to take full advantage of this (or any) tipping service you may first want to gain background information!


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