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These are the two systems that brought me a life of leisure -

Banker dogs 7
£9.97 incl. VAT

In certain races, the winner is highly predictable.

I refined the system to the point where it gives around 75% winners.

This killer system will be delivered as an ebook.

Full unconditional money back guarantee. Probably the best value under £10 ever.

System 543


- 20% profit per month -
Set it and forget it. This robotic system will find suitable bets and place appropriate stakes, while you go about your daily business. This robot is highly acclaimed and does virtually anything you could ask. Now with system 543 it produces 20% profit per month placing lay bets on horses at Betfair. Unattended. That converts £1000 into £7000 in a year.

To use System 543 you need to get the robot for a 2-week free trial and set up an account at Betfair. You will need to leave your PC running during racing and have a broadband internet connection.

System 543 - the settings for the robot costs: £97.27 incl. VAT. Only 50 copies will ever be sold. If you are quick you can get one.


This should really be defined as a straight forward investment, not gambling. This system has been devised and refined and refined by myself and now consistently gives over 90% winning bets, and lots of them. It has also been back-tested over 5 years of all UK horseracing with the same result: greater than 90% winning bets. This isn't some 'pie in the sky' fantasy 'makeloadsamoney' idea.

Only 50 copies will ever be sold.

"Did you know that over 95% of the tipping services that you see advertised or that contact you directly use total distortion or outright lies to get your money in exchange for useless information? I'm sorry if you found out the hard way. This system gets you away from all that "

Purchase of System 543 provides you with the complete information, how the system was devised, basic robot settings plus an HTML file that the robot reads to tell it what to do to replicate system 543 exactly. Easy to set up. You get all that you need to generate a realistic 20% profit per month.

After the 2-week free trial period you can either rent the robot or buy it for a one-off payment. Rental is currently £10 per week or £28 per 4 weeks. Life-time purchase is currently £219 and includes support and updates.

If you think you'd like to realistically make an extra 7 grand this year by investing 1 grand, this is for you.

Order directly by clicking here ; this system is delivered by easy download . You can use MASTERCARD, VISA or PayPal via our secure server.


Full unconditional money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, notify us within 30 days of receipt and full refund will be made. No argument, no quibble.

You must be aware that gambling may not be permitted in your country or state.

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